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Do you know of a connection in the community that has any of these special talents and wants to inspired others?

Early Autism Interventions hosts FUN community events recognizing ALL special needs children. We also provide a Special Focus to Siblings of Special Needs Families for the Heroic roles they play in their families at all of our events. We believe that Siblings of Special Needs Families can be given inspiring gifts from community businesses and leaders that will empower them in the future to lead and help grow the community on Special Needs Awareness and Acceptance. All of our events are planned with this in mind and we hope you can provide a special inspiring talent for these special children and their families! Please look at our Wish List below and see if you or your business is ready to inspire at one of our events! We gladly promote any participating business at our events in media materials for our events!


Joy Falahee- Early Autism Interventions

Wish List:

**All events are for special needs families and the entire community of families as we all grow and learn to create  memories together!

Sept 17 Fancy Fun Tea Party! 11am-1pm Intercontinental Hotel Tampa


Etiquette Expert: Give basic Tea Etiquette tips to the young girls

Beauty Expert: Give basic health and beauty tip to young girls

Artists: Painters that can teach the girls how to paint tea cups and saucers

Sept 18 Lego Adventure Party!


Model Builders: (Cars, Toys, Trains, Boats….)

Train Experts

Airplane Experts

Military Experts (youth boys, inspirational)

Star Wars Buffs!

Magic Tricks

Lego Masters

Speaker: Inspirational/brief can keep youth boys attention

Oct. 16 Fishing Special Needs Day! 9am-2pm Lutz


Healthy Living Experts

Landscape of Florida Experts

Fishing Experts

Wildlife Florida Experts

Water Conservation Experts

Fishing Gear, Camping Tips Experts

Dec 3 and 4 Sensory Breakfast with Santa 9am-11pm Intercontinental Hotel Tampa


Face Painter

Craft Makers



and last but not least: Wanted: Santa~ need a Great Memory Making Santa!

**If you do not see your talent listed and believe your business can provide a great activity for any of these events contact us!


Facebook: Early Autism Interventions Twitter: AutismJourney


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