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If you missed our post about the 10 days of being thankful planning and activities to introduce the holiday season to our entire family keeping our Autistic daughter in mind and creating fun we all can enjoy! Please visit here if you wish to read this post: 

Our Major Project for the 10 days of being thankful in our family is creating our time capsule together. We take our time with this project and include sensory fun crafts and activities while making the contents of our time capsule. We finish the capsule in time for Thanksgiving Day and then we discuss each item we put in the capsule then we seal it up and store it away. We store ours in the cedar chest, but if your planted at a home and wish to bury go for it!  We will open our time capsule every 2 years on Thanksgiving Day because this is the time limit our children set for our capsules. This makes Thanksgiving Dinner conversation super fun when you open an older capsule!

Making a time capsule is a great way to  preserve memories that your child will love to look back on as she grows older.  You can create a memory-filled time capsule that you and your child will  treasure.



    • 1

      Instruct your child to decorate a plastic food container with her favorite  stickers, pictures or any other items that interest her.

    • Decorating the container is a complete reflection of your children’s personalities so we just lay out the crafts supplies and let them go with this activity. This project creates a great sharing activity for our girls. Team work and great Sensory Exploration together!

    • 2

      Ask him to pick out his favorite photographs of family, friends and pets. Make  copies of the photos and place them in his time capsule. Or We have them try to paint portraits of their portrayal of the picture.

    • 3

      Help your child cut out pictures of her favorite toys or pictures of other  favorite items from catalogs. Clip interesting newspaper articles to remind her  of the current events going on at the time as well. (Cutting great Sensory Activity)

    • 4

      Make a copy of your child’s favorite songs and  locate drawings your child has made, stories she has written, old report cards  and ticket stubs from sporting events or shows that she’s  attended.

    • 5

      Place all of the items you’ve gathered in the plastic container, and label  the container with your children’s names and the date. Tightly seal the  container.

    • We also like to have the children make a small craft item together and wrap them as gifts to each of us. This way when you open the capsule everyone gets a gift to unwrap!

    • 6

      Hide the time capsule  in a closet, and decide on a date within the next  years  when you will open the capsule with your  child.

    • This is a super amazing tradition and really takes as little or as much time as you want this project to…

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