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Early Autism Interventions


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Tampa Exhibit

“Who I am in my Family & My Community…”

The Sibling Art Project was designed to recognize the creative talents of siblings in special needs families & encourage children not in special needs families to join together and inspire each other with creative art talent for the special needs community! We celebrate ALL children, and recognize the important role they play in their families every day! This year we are very excited to present our creative Art Project Theme “Who I am in My Family & My Community…”

We received over 6,900 entries from all over the United States this year! We are pleased to exhibit today the Tampa Art Submissions created at our Art Studio Days at the Glazer’s Children’s Museum and our Community Art partner schools.

The vision of this exhibit was created by 5 extremely talented young adults with Autism. The name cards for each piece were written and created by a 9 year old little girl with Autism that recently began to write for the first time. We are proud and honored to have these amazing community minded citizens show their talents they attribute to having Early Interventions in their lives!

We are extremely thankful for the support of the University of Tampa’s Department of Psychology that sponsored, volunteered, and organized our Tampa exhibit this year!

We hope you enjoy each creative piece, and stop by and have a few refreshments!

** Children present that created for the exhibit please stop by and see special guest Suzin Carr: Author of “I Choose” to receive your recognition certificate and a special gift from the Glazer’s Children’s Museum.

Special Thanks TO:

Dr. Jeff Skowronek

Glazer’s Children’s Museum

Advance My Baby

Brain Balance Center Oldsmar


Stacie Call

Dr. Patty O’Grady

Christopher Cordero

Sweet Bay

Gabrielle Hernandez

University of Tampa Student Volunteers

Suzin Carr Author “I Choose”

Support Us:

Please consider stopping by and seeing what we are doing in your community! We are always seeking volunteers, mentors, sponsors, donors, and committed interns.

Facebook: Early Autism Interventions

Twitter: AutismJourney

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