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Joy Falahee~ Creative Project & Program Design Coordinator, Special Needs Consultant, Community Minded Spirit! The greatest thing I’ve  learned over the years is that there’s no way to be a perfect mother, but a million ways to be a good one! I live by this every single day!

I began planning life very differently when my youngest daughter was diagnosed with Autism. I love being creative and I have made the commitment in planning our life with her in mind, while keeping all of our traditions alive for the rest of our family. If you focus in on avoiding  traditions because of sensory concerns, life will be extremely stressful for you and your family. I have found that the number 1 thing in having a special needs child is to be steps ahead at all times, and being prepared allows me to enjoy the beautiful life I’ve been given the way it’s meant to be enjoyed! I plan according to the needs of my sensory sensitive daughter and always keep in the forefront of my planning the needs of my oldest daughter that celebrated our family traditions long before her sibling came in to our lives with special needs. Being creative, recognizing how daily sensory enhancements can help us all, has allowed us to embrace Autism and Sensory Processing with completely open hearts! When planning ahead you will create moments that are sensory based and traditions that fit your entire family for years to come!


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